People need to be shown that voluntarily making your business dependent on the whims and competence of another business (no matter how colossal) you don't own... is a very very daft thing to do. See for more detail.

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Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp all down globally. Feels good to have your own social media platform 😜

Lockdown project № 1,981: several thousand kilograms of kimchi.

No matter how much sudo creme I apply, he just won't shut down...

Always nice to get out and spread your legs a bit in the native bush.

Lockdown project № 376: new steering damper for the . Before and after:

Purchased a silicone prophylactic for the Baofeng (can't be too careful these days), along with an adaptor to hook it up to the whip which I've bolted on to the HWC vent pipe.

Now to see how well I can hit the repeaters from home.

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